About Us


Allen Mefford, Owner

Allen is a 1984 graduate from the University of Kentucky College of Engineering with 33 years of experience in metal fabrication. He has lived in Frankfort, Kentucky his whole life. He has two sons, Landon and Ben, who are active in the business. He also has 3 beautiful grandchildren.


Ben Mefford, Fabricator

Ben gained experience working part time for the business before becoming a full time employee in December 2017. He graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and has also worked in equipment parts and equipment sales since graduation. Now a certified welder, he has learned greatly from hands on experience. He and his fiance, Morgan, have one daughter, Gracie.   


Landon Mefford, Fabricator

Landon has been with the business since 2014. He is a state certified welder, fabricator and designer for the company. He is an engineer at the Franklin County Fire Department, where he has served since 2012. He and his wife Andi have two children, Luke and Millie, and hopes they will take part in the business some day.

Family Owned and Operated


LAB Fabricating was started by Allen Mefford, owner and engineer, in 2014 as a small business. Over time his projects grew bigger and more complex so employees were needed. His two sons Landon and Ben, as well as a family friend Dee Bradshaw, are the workforce that keeps the shop flowing. Ben works in the shop full time while Landon and Dee are full time firefighters and spend most of their off days at the LAB Fabricating shop. Small jobs or large jobs, residential and commercial, we are here to provide the highest quality metal fabrication.

In The Shop


Any size project is welcome in the LAB Fabricating shop. Big or small, we have the tools to build or repair any project that you have. Everything from handrail, stairs or metal artwork is designed and built here.   

In The Field


Almost everything we build in the shop we can install in the field. Many of our projects have been installed by our crew. Large handrail projects, handicap ramps, welding repairs and job site support are just some of the things you will find us doing in the field.